Management Team

Doron Grinstein – CEO and co-Founder

Doron co-founded BiTKOO in 2006 after spending eight years with the Walt Disney Company. At Disney Doron designed and led the development of several key technologies. One of the technologies was an early version of Keystone – now a BiTKOO flagship product. Doron is a serial inventor with numerous U.S. and internationally-issued and pending patents. His passion and focus is fine-grained authorization, federation, large scale distributed systems and cloud computing. Doron enjoys spending time with his wife and his two boys and writing code in his spare time.


Eric Kotler – Chief Technology Officer and co-Founder

Prior to co-founding BiTKOO, Eric worked at the Walt Disney Studios on large, complex IT projects. He has been recognized as an exceptional technologist with deep technical savvy and an exceptional attention to detail. Eric brings years of innovation and product excellence to the BiTKOO family. Eric Kotler earned his M.S. Computer Science from USC. Eric enjoys traveling and spending quality time with his wife.


Michele Leroux Bustamante – Chief Security Architect

Michele brings a diverse set of skills to the BiTKOO team with over 15 years of experience designing and implementing enterprise systems, along with valuable management experience. Having held senior executive positions throughout her career Michele has assembled and organized software development teams from the ground up, implemented processes for all aspects of the software development lifecycle, facilitated many successful large-scale enterprise application deployments, and helped to drive capital fund raising, sales, and business development efforts. Michele is also Microsoft Regional Director for San Diego, a Microsoft MVP, and a highly respected and recognized leader in several technology fields including the design and implementation of service-oriented applications, integration and interoperability, security, federated identity, and cloud computing. She shares her passion and insight on federated identity and cloud computing presenting at conferences around the world and through her publications including many contributions to MSDN Magazine and online developer centers, and a monthly column dedicated to federated identity in Dev Connections magazine. Michele also wrote the best-selling book Learning WCF, published by O’Reilly, 2007 – the second edition to be published in 2010. Michele graduated with a double-major in Accounting/Finance and Software Engineering from Ryerson Polytechnic University, Toronto, Canada. She moved to San Diego, California in 1992, where she lives now with her husband and son.


Danny Thorpe – Chief Software Architect

Danny joined BiTKOO after 15 years at Borland and stints at Google and Microsoft. At Borland he was part of the Turbo Pascal and Delphi tools team working on a variety of Win32 API, graphics, database, and compiler technologies under the tutelage of Anders Hejlsberg and Chuck Jazdzewski. He eventually rose to the role of Chief Architect of the Delphi compiler and lead developer of Delphi for .NET, and was a Borland Chief Scientist. At Google he co-founded the Google Gears project, defining the interface and interactions between JavaScript and native SQLite data storage to enable local storage and offline execution of web applications in the browser. At Microsoft he built a client-side cross-domain communication library to enable JavaScript web apps to send data securely across domain-based browser security barriers. Before joining BiTKOO, he worked on cloud development tools at Microsoft on the Visual Studio Tools for Windows Azure team. Danny earned his B.S. in Mathematics at Louisiana State University. He lives with his wife on a small farm in the Santa Cruz mountains (California) and enjoys experimenting with high temperature flux chemistry (ceramic glazes) in his garage workshop/laboratory.


Tiffany Joseph – Chief Administrative Officer and Legal Counsel

Tiffany is an active member of the California State Bar With experience in the fields of contract, intellectual property, employment, and personal injury law. Prior to joining BiTKOO, Tiffany worked on cases for a diverse set of clients, ranging from Fortune 500 companies to popular culture celebrities. She has been a major contributor to successful trial and appeal briefs at California federal and state court levels. Tiffany earned her B.A. in Economics from Harvard University and her J.D. from UCLA Law School. Continually seeking new knowledge and mastery, she enjoys taking classes in her spare time and has recently turned her academic focus towards computer programming and networking.


Bob Myer - Chief Operating Officer

Bob Myer spent decades as an accomplished television producer and brings to the BiTKOO team execution, precision, and a vision of excellence. Bob is responsible for the company’s internal controls including A/R, A/P, licensing management, contract management and partnership management.